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Pimchanok  Suwannathada
Head: Assistant Professor Pimchanok  Suwannathada D.V.M., Thailand +66-89-4223818, +66-43-345254 nonmou@kku.ac.th, nonsuw@yahoo.com  
Dr. Prawit Butudom
Asistant Professor Dr. Prawit Butudom Ph.D.(Eqiune Exercise Physiology), USA +66-86-8540633 navichaya@kku.ac.th
Dr. Tawatchai  Pohuang
Instructor Dr. Tawatchai  Pohuang Ph.D.(Avian Medicine), Thaland +66-89-6318110 ptawat@kku.ac.th
Arayaporn  Macotpet
Assistant Professor Arayaporn  Macotpet D.V.M., Thaland +66-81-7397972 kajib007@hotmail.com
Dr. Fanan  Suksawat
Associate Professor Dr. Fanan  Suksawat Ph.D.(Comparative Biomedical Sciences), USA +66-81-2083433 javetmed@yahoo.com
Dr. Sompoth  Weerakun
Assistant Professor Dr. Sompoth  Weerakun Ph.D. (Vet. Med.), Japan +66-85-0099556 somwee@kku.ac.th, kaewzung@yahoo.com  
Sucheeva Junnu
Instructor Sucheeva Junnu D.V.M., Thaland +66-86-2365459 junnu7@hotmail.com
Nomfa  Feungbhun
Instructor Nomfa  Feungbhun D.V.M., Thaland +66-89-7438374 pcataklom@hotmail.com
Sarinya Rerkyusuke
Instructor Sarinya Rerkyusuke D.V.M., M.S. (Vet. Med.), Thaland +66-81-4347658. waiwaiquick@yahoo.com
Dr. Jatesada Jiwakanon
Assistant Professor Dr. Jatesada Jiwakanon Ph.D.(Reproduction), Sweden +66-81-9548284 jatgiw@kku.ac.th
Dr. Trasida  Ployngam
Instructor Dr. Trasida  Ployngam Ph.D. (Molecular Veterinary Biosciences), USA traplo@kku.ac.th
Dr. Aran  Chanlun
Instructor Dr. Aran  Chanlun Ph.D.(Ruminant Medicine), Sweden +66-85-0147080 aran_jan@kku.ac.th
Kanlaya  Chuachan
Associate Professor Kanlaya  Chuachan M.S.(Avian Medicine), Thaland +66-81-5440299 kchuachan@hotmail.com, kanchu1@kku.ac.th
Pavin  Saihoo
Instructor Pavin  Saihoo D.V.M., Phillipnes +66-81-5452545 pavin@kku.ac.th
Dr. Anantachai  Chaiyotwittayakun
Assistant Professor Dr. Anantachai  Chaiyotwittayakun Ph.D.(Bovine Clinical Immunobiology), USA +66-81-8715994 chaiyot@kku.ac.th
Dr. Sarthorn  Porntrakulpipat
Assistant Professor Dr. Sarthorn  Porntrakulpipat Dr.med.vet.(Swine Disease), Germany +66-81-6615111 sarthorn@kku.ac.th
Dr. Kochakorn  Direksin
Assistant Professor Dr. Kochakorn  Direksin Ph.D.(Veterinary Medicine), USA +66-81-8723931 kochakrn@kku.ac.th
Dr. Kanit  Chukanhom
Assistant Professor Dr. Kanit  Chukanhom Ph.D.(Veterinary Medicine), Japan +66-81-7177441 kanchu@kku.ac.th
Dr. Bundit Tengjaroenkul
Associate Professor Dr. Bundit Tengjaroenkul Ph.D.(Veterinary Medicine) : USA +66-43-345215, +66-43-345215 btengjar@kku.ac.th
Dr. Prawit Butudom

Asistant Professor Dr. Prawit Butudom

Ph.D.(Eqiune Exercise Physiology), USA


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